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Consider a holiday on a Turkey gulet cruise, one of the responsible tourism options to enjoy in a fascinating part of the world.

The yacht charter and gulet charter business have been important in the tourism industry in Southwest Turkey for decades, even leading the discovery of beautiful seaside towns such as Bodrum. It sustains many local businesses while having a low impact on the environment, and requires low levels of development and construction. Gulet charters and gulet construction and maintenance support many different job opportunities for local people and are significant contributors to the economy, bringing income and foreign currency.

The Gulet construction industry has grown and expanded original shipyards and added more, building on traditional skills and knowlege. The master shipwrights and carpenters of Bodrum are legendary, and are passing on the skills to make their shipyards the destination for European yacht owners for maintenance and new boat construction projects. Turkey also has a growing industry exporting yachts and gulets to foreign countries. Croatia is a new destination of choice in the gulet charter world and over %90 of the gulets based in Croatia have been exported from Turkey. Every year at the end of the charter season yacht brokers welcome buyers to Turkey, guiding them to find their dream yacht to invest in. Aside from Croatia, Turkish gulets are also exported to Spain, Italy and Greece, while some gulets have been exported to the Maldives.

Gulet charter tourism and the need for professional crew and new generations of gulet cruise suppliers and organisers has led to the development of mariner training courses for young people in high schools and at higher levels. Modern yacht sailing skills have also been encouraged through the establishment of sailing courses and sports clubs, particularly for children.

When you book a Gulet Cruise you know that crews are local, nearly all owners are local- sometimes the owner is the captain, Guletbookers and staff are local, suppliers are local; all are small medium enterprises which value your custom, and contribute to the local and Turkish economy, and tourism, bringing about positive lives for men and women in the coastal towns and resorts of Turkey. Booking direct with Guletbookers for your gulet holidays means that income stays local.

The Gulet Cruise season

In Turkey gulet charters can operate between the months of April to October. The operational season goes for 6-7 months – but the busiest periods are between July and August.

It can be very hard to find gulets available at the last minute in July and August so it pays to book your gulet cruise early! Likewise if you require a gulet holiday in April-May or in October, book ahead to make sure your gulet charter is available. From mid- October, many gulets are pulled up onto land in the boatyard for repairs, maintenance and storage until April, before the new season.

Citizens of countries from all over the world are coming to enjoy the Turkey Gulet experience: Italy, Spain, England, America, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Australian are the most common nationalities found chartering gulets in Turkey during their holidays. However there are numbers from Denmark, Russia, Slovenia, Poland, Portugal, and also some from Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and of course Turkish citizens enjoy their unique gulet cruise experience along their own beautiful coastline.

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