About Your Gulet Cruise in Turkey

Things To Know About Your Gulet Cruise

About Your Gulet Cruise in Turkey

About Gulet Cruise
About Cruises

A gulet charter cruise is the unique wooden yacht hire and cruise possible along the South west coast of Turkey where a long indented coastline holding many serene and sheltered bays and coves offers moorings and anchorages for smaller length boats of up to 50m, for durations of from 3 nights (4 day cruise) up to 7 nights (8 day cruise) or more weeks.

Private gulet charters entails the hire of a whole boat, to experience cruising our crystal clear Turkish waters. There are different categories of gulets which offer different economic options for the money concious groups.

The length of gulets for holiday charters vary according to the design of the yacht, anything from 15m of either economic or intimate luxury for a couple or a family, to 50m of a stunning super luxury gulet. The number of and layout of cabins varies too: from 2 to 16, but most gulets have 5-8 usually double bed cabins, but with twin options, and these days each have a private bathroom.

The number of crew on board is 2-7. They not only manage the boat, cleaning and maintenance, and sailing but they are available throughout your holiday to provide you with all meals, run you to and from shore, and help you with any other activities you may want to do.

The decks of a gulet charter are wide, spacious and covered in cushions as well as shade from the sun. This will give you ample opportunity to relax and swim away the day as you soak up the natural beauty of the Turkish coast.

Guests may opt to spend their nights on deck under the stars, waking up in the morning surrounded by pristine nature. Full board (breakfasts , lunches , dinners) service is usually the Food Menu service we recommend you chose for on-board catering during your charter and the prices are included in the charter price offer. All alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are at additonal cost and you can pre-order or buy your own drinks from harbour suppiers or supermarkets to deliver or stock up along the cruising route.

When Is The Best Time To Go Gulet Crusie ?
When Is The Best Time To Go?

Boat charter cruises in Turkey are operated over a 6 months period between April and October.The best months to go on the "Blue Cruise" unique to the beautiful Mediterranean coast are July, August and September with their hot days and balmy warm evenings.August is the most popular and warmest holiday period, when it is advisable to have an early booking.

However other travellers would argue that the early or later summer months are best for exploring on land from the gulet. According to your group, the times when you can come together, the interests and age groups, we say every month is an excellent time to cruise on a beautiful gulet.

Cabin Description
Cabin Descriptions

Double cabin means one large double bed in the room. Usually fitted bunk style to the side against one wall. This is the most frequently used cabin type. Double cabins are generally used in every cabin of economical or standard class charter gulets. All cabins have a private bathroom.The toilets will be either the hometype or electric type model.

Twin cabin means two seperate single bed size beds in a room. Twin or triple is the term used for a double size bed and a single size bed in one cabin, an option to offer flexibility in cabin accommodation for groups. Cabins are usually larger and more spacious in luxury and deluxe yachts.

A Master cabin is designed as a more spacious luxury room. This is the top class of of all cabin types.The cabins are at least double the size of others usually enjoying the space across the width of the gulet. Every cabin has a bathroom, wardrobe and air conditioning.

Over the past few years, master cabins have become the new standard used in new yacht construction. If you are interested in chartering a master cabin you should make your choice in new or renovated luxury or deluxe class yachts. The variety of equipment and entertainment is greater on deluxe class yachts. Plasma TV, DVD player, Playstation, internet, plus minibar and jacuzzi are some of the deluxe options, along with a greater variety of water toys such as water ski, wakeboard and inflatables.

During Your Gulet Cruise
During Your Gulet Cruise

No hard shoes on board, there will be a basket for shoes for the land visits. Turn off the lights in your cabin after use to conserve the battery.All soiled paper products, toilet paper and sanitary items go into a bin provided (emptied by the crew daily).

After swimming, before you relax on the sun cushions, please use the shower on deck to wash the salt from your body.

Place the provided beach towels on the sun cushions after you have used your sun cream.No smoking allowed in cabins or indoors, you can smoke on the deck.Do not jump from the boat until the captain has stopped the engine.There will be limited water for everybody, so please keep shower time to a minimum.

Food and Drinks on Gulet Cruise
Food & Drinks

Enjoying your meals all freshly prepared by the cook on board and served by the crew is as important to your enjoyment on a gulet cruise as a comfortable cabin. Meals are planned for service three times a day, at the times your guests prefer. The menu is changed daily. The standard Food Menu is based on Turkish foods. Breakfasts are classic Turkish style, lunches are vegetable based and dinners are usually baked or barbequed meats and fish.


Bread, boiled egg or omelette, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, white cheese, yellow cheese, butter, a variety of jams, honey, chocolate spread, tea and coffee.


A variety of either aubergine, stuffed peppers, fresh beans, artichoke dishes with pasta, bulgur wheat, rice, salads and yoghurt.5 o’clock tea & coffee break cookies, cakes, coffee, tea.


Grilled meatballs , chicken wings, chicken saute, fish, pasta, potatoe mash, rice or bulgur.Cold appetizers “meze” such as yoghurt with mint, kidney beans with onions, humus, a variety of salads.Please ask Guletbookers for details of different standard menus.


All drinks on board a gulet cruise are at additional cost. Please consult Guletbookers for your orders.

Food and Drinks on Gulet Cruise

Gulet cruises are a crewed charter. All yachts have minimum 2-3 crew on board.Captain: He is the qualified manager on board, responsible for all of the yacht and staff and the guests. He will do all his best to let you discover clear waters, secluded bays , historical sites, local villages and towns, and beautiful islands.

Cook: Responsible for cooking, menu planning and all food services during your gulet cruise, and they usually work miracles bringing you all the delights of Turkish cuisine.

Sailor/mate: He is responsible for all technical aspects of running the boat. From service, cleaning and tidying to maintenance and helping you with water sports.

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